2023 has brought us develop the latest exclusive invention of designs. The Croco, VTR and SR Basket Series is of course made from our best hands of artisans.
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Rope, Rattan, and stackable synthethic chairs provide best options for our customers, whether they are wholesellers or retailers!
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Rattan and Natural Products Factory and Exporter
○ 50+ Handful Artisans ○ Natural Cane Wicker Materials ○ Innovative and Creative Designs ○ Export Quality ○ Years of Experience

Delightful Designs with Finest Quality


Our Services

We are commited to support our customers not only in production but also in consultations and developtment stage. We are gladly to discuss your ideas and together build marvelous designs!

Consultations & Developtments

We provide custom designs to our customers, also with private labeling, so let us together discuss your product designs!


CV. Blumen Rattan has always been known for rattan furnitures and baskets manufacturer. We have been doing our bussiness since 2010


Our main shipping method is ocean freight. For containers, we ship via Jakarta Port mainly or through Semarang Port .Please let us know in case you need an assistance for your shipment.

Professional and Trusted Rattan Products Supplier

Affordable Rates

Our motto is *with affordable price, comes high quality. We are very determined to create pieces of high quality ain the most efficient way possible

Quality Craftsmanship

Together with 50+ handful rattan artisans and also through regular quality control, we are capable of achieving high quality export products.

Years Of Experience

Through times we have been evolving and adapting to the latest market trend.